Jcloud Day

28 August 2020 Online

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Aravind Putrevu



Arpita Srivastava

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

Haimantika Mitra

KonfHub Technologies


Rory Preddy



Sandra Ahlgrimm



Soumyadip Chowdhury



Srinivasa Rao Aravilli


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This talk will focus on Continuous Performance Engineering of applications developed in Java using open-source tools ( JFC/JMC) and how to find performance issues early in the SDLC. Sample java application will be demoed to use JFC (Java Flight Recorder) for profiling, JVM telemetry, analysis of memory & GC and integration with CI/CD pipeline to achieve CPE.

Let’s dive into the world of serverless and give you real world examples of how to get started. We will focus on Azure Functions in Java and discuss how to provision, deploy and test them in a productive environment. In my demos we will see the ease of local development leveraging from the great integration in Visual Studio Code. Finally, let’s ship our samples and scale them in Azure. If you are tired of server maintenance and want to achieve more with your java functions , don’t miss this session.

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are the de-facto choices for many companies building microservices, using Java. In this session, we demo best practices and tools to go from development to production using Spring Boot and Azure, with a specific focus on microservices configuration, resiliency, and scalability in the cloud. We cover development, monitoring and security and demo how Spring Boot applications can scale and handle failure on Azure. If you are thinking about building microservices, this is a session you don't want to miss.

Slow applications are no fun. Application performance monitoring (APM) makes tracking down issues problems much easier. But which tools should you use? Join this session to know how to build a microservice using Java and containerize it to deploy it on Azure.

Deploy & Run your Java Application on Azure and Azure Stack, in a hybrid environment spanning public and private clouds.

Learn how to use the Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB service to store and access data from a Java application hosted on Azure App Service Web Apps.

Azure app service is a fully managed web hosting service for building web apps. It has capabilities for whatever you need, mobile , web or API. Web Apps in Azure allow you to publish and manage your website easily without digging into the servers, storage etc. You can freely focus on your website and Azure will take care of rest. We will be deploying a website to Azure with Azure app service.

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